International Assistance Dog Week – Video #1 – Our Story

This week it's International Assistance Dog Week. Molly and I will be sharing aspects of our lives with you all this week to raise awareness. We have a video for every day of Assistance Dog Week, as well as some blogs (hopefully). We want to raise awareness of Assistance Dogs, what they are, what they do and how they change lives, as well as to raise awareness of Dog A.I.D (Assistance in Disability) who helped me to train Molly to become my Assistance Dog.

In this video, we share the different types of Assistance Dog and our story, in brief.

Please do share our videos and our website to help us to raise awareness. Thank you.

You can see all the videos on our YouTube channel. Do also follow Molly's Facebook Page, Molly, dog with a blog.

Many thanks,

Lucy & Molly

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