Book A Demo or Talk

Lucy & Molly - Book A Demonstration

Molly and I will happily come along to your group or event to demonstrate Molly's training and how she helps me.

Demonstrations can include:

  • A talk by myself about Molly, her training and how she helps me.
  • Talking about the charity Dog Assistance in Disability (Dog A.I.D.) who helped me to train Molly to become my Assistance Dog.
  • A talk and demonstration of the basics underpinning Molly's training and how games and tricks led to tasks.
  • A demonstration of Molly's tasks.


If you would like a full demonstration, there will need to be enough room to fully show this off, but a basic demonstration can work in smaller areas.

I will need is either a lapel or headset microphone (preferably headset), as holding a heavy microphone is difficult for me, unless the group is small and my voice will project easily to all in the room.

Travelling long distances can be difficult, so I tend to limit demonstrations to Essex. However, larger events, where costs will be reimbursed and with enough notice given, could be carried out across Essex, the East of England, London and the South East, or further afield if I am able to get there. If you do want to book a demo outside of Essex - do ask and see if we can help, as we may be able to get there.

I ask that people consider making a donation to Dog Assistance in Disability (Dog A.I.D.) in return for our attendance. You can find out more about Dog A.I.D. on their website - click here.

We are also available for cheque presentations (in Essex) should you raise funds for Dog A.I.D.

What Will It Be Like?

Tasks demonstrated include:

  • Washing machine sequence
  • Undressing (hat, gloves, jacket, socks)
  • Pulling a blanket off my lap
  • Fetching items
  • Fetching the phone
  • Passing a note between myself and others
  • Carrying objects
  • Fetching a tissue when I sneeze and putting it in the bin
  • Turning on a light
  • Pressing buttons
  • Tidying up her toys
  • Heelwork, positions, obedience, stays, emergency stops, recall
  • And some tricks we've learnt along the way!

Here is a video of our demo from RISE4Disability in February 2017, it was our first ever demo hence it wasn't the best but we really enjoyed it and I am very proud of Molly.